WISTA Online Coaching Session on November 04, 2021 – For Members only

ONLINE COACHING SESSION – On November 04, 2021 – 12h30 – 13h30

Are you the leader you want to be? At work – with your team.

Are you mother you want to be? At home – with your children.

Are you the woman you want to be? Fulfilled in all aspects of your life…

Or do you feel that your life is out of control and 24 hours in a day is not enough? With Covid and Home Office, the mental burden, the logistics of home schooling and project deadlines left us women feeling overwhelmed, exhausted & with no sense of direction, not knowing where to start to make the necessary changes for the better.

Because of this complex situation, my clients, female leaders from Fortune 500 companies, came to me as they were feeling lost, without any self-confidence or sense of prioritization. Their life became a vicious circle and they were left feeling deprived emotionally, intellectually and physically, not being a good leader, not being a good mother and being a truly dissatisfied woman.
If right now, you feel you are in this situation …here is the good news : on November 4th,  It will be my pleasure to share with WISTA members some tools on how to better “manage” your time so you will stop procrastinating and make sure you can achieve the tasks you need to do while having time to care of yourself plus making the time to spend  fun and enjoyable times with your family.

Looking forward to seeing you then!
Yasmina Rauber Executive & Leadership Coach –  Yascoaching.com

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