WISTA Partners Financial Times Commodities Global Summit on March 21-23, 2022 – Lausanne

The Journey to Net-Zero


The journey to net zero is going to be anything but straightforward – that much is clear. The recent power crunch in Europe and China has highlighted the fragility of the world’s energy system, forcing some of the assumptions around fossil fuels to be rapidly rethought. It has also shown the interconnectedness of the commodity markets and how the impact of decarbonisation will be felt well beyond the natural resources industry, shaping the political and economic agenda. The crisis also has important lessons for the future, underscoring the importance of investing in new sources of supply. For commodity traders this fast changing and complex backdrop offers both opportunities and challenges as they try to balance their existing businesses while investing in renewable energy and sustainable production.

Now in its 11th year FT Commodities Global Summit has established itself as the pre-eminent gathering of senior commodity executives, traders and financiers.

After a two year absence the Summit will be returning in person to the Beau Rivage Hotel in Switzerland and will feature some of the biggest names speaking on the trend that matters most in natural resources – the decarbonisation of the global economy.

Key discussion topics:

■Net zero targets have sapped investors’ willingness to put money into developing supplies of fossil fuels that could be largely
obsolete in 30 years. But what does this lack of investment mean for the stability of the energy systems and what can be done to address it?

■The energy transition and the growing focus on sustainability will fundamentally change the landscape for commodity traders but how should they adapt their business model to these new realities?

■What will China’s shift away from a property-based model of economic growth mean for commodity markets and big producers? Can the energy transition and President Biden’s huge infrastructure programme pick up the slack from a slowing China? Are hopes of supercycle misplaced?

■Could carbon trading overtake oil as the world’s most heavily traded commodity? What would need to happen for that forecast to be realised?

■For decades, hydrogen has been hailed as a potentially revolutionary alternative to fossil fuels but has its time now arrived as policymakers throw their weight behind the gas?

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