WISTA & PWC Survey on Gender Equality





Where does the commodity and trading industry stand on gender equality?

Gender diversity and equality is a key priority for many companies across industries, yet progress remains slow. Women remain underrepresented in many sectors, particularly in management and leadership positions.

To examine the state of gender equality in the commodity and trading industry, we partnered with PWC to conduct a survey with a Swiss-specific focus. The survey sought to gain insights into gender representation in the industry as well as employee perceptions and lived experiences of gender equality.

This report also includes an exclusive interview with Maryana Stober, President of WISTA Switzerland, with her insights on these findings and an industry perspective on what needs to be done.

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“It’s now widely proven that people with different backgrounds and perspectives bring value, and that it creates better outcomes for the company. It’s important to include everyone. We talk about 50% of the population that isn’t totally involved in the industry. We’re missing talents and potentials.”

Maryana Stober President of WISTA Switzerland